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…a loudspeaker filled with water is connected to an audio signal, so that changing structures can be seen on the water’s surface. This is recorded onto a miniature camera and returned to a cathode-ray-tube. Light emissions from the tube are transformed into an electronic signal using a light-voltage-transformer. This signal is then sent to theloudspeaker via an audio amplifier…

Cymatic Circuit is a closed system of various physical sizes which influence one another. The circuit regulates itself, can be interrupted at any point but after a short time, it always goes back to its normal state.
The apparatus quietly buzzes whilst creating images, only to use them up for its own consumption almost immediately.

5 inch b/w picture tube; mini camera b/w; audio amplifier; tripoid; loudspeaker; light-voltage-transformer; power supply units and cables

Cymatic Circuit    interactive object - 1999