Kymatische Kinemathek is an installation for viewing international cinema production. Its audience can choose from a collection of about 100 productions and watch the chosen film on one of five tables. Sound can be heard through ordinary headphones, however, the electronic signal for the picture is transmitted using a speaker filled with water. Frequency and amplitude changes in the signal cause the structures in the water’s surface to continuously change. Sometimes concrete, but more often abstract correspondences between the sound of the film and the reaction of the water occur.

5 video players (VHS); 5 loudspeakers; 5 headphones; 3 audio amplifiers; power supply units and cables; 5 tables; 5 chairs; 1 shelf; 5 water carafes; water; 100 VHS tapes



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Kymatische Kinemathek    interactive video sound installation - 2001
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