10 channel video installation

Telescoped. Fragmented. Divided.
Stacked words. Towers of gestures. In slow motion.
Blank spaces seem essential. No gap is forgotten.
In the scanner light.

Many people have experienced the measures taken by the government and the way their fellow human beings have treated each other during the coronavirus crisis as disproportionate and overbearing. Instead of a constructive exchange of different perceptions, there was a destructive blanking out of those who thought differently. This caused massive distortions of reality in society. It led - due to the dissolved intersections of individual realities - to permanent division, even in friendships and families.
People fell silent or were muted. The political and social events have left many speechless to this day.
This speechlessness is the theme of the video installation mute. In search of the lost common reality, video lectures and interviews of some protagonists of the Corona crisis are scanned from the inside.

10 housings made of pallet wood; 10 LCD displays (24-32 inches) with control; 10 acrylic glass panes, satinized; 10 media players; 10 stepper motors; 10 LED strips; 10 power supplies; 10 magnets; 40 reed switches; various electronic control circuits, cables









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mute  video installation - 2023