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t.a.s. [televison absorption system]   interactive video-soundinstallation - 2012-13

The interactive video installation t.a.s. [television absorption system] illustrates the daily exposure of the human body to "television irradation" in an audio-visual way. 12 to 40 broadcast television programmes, transmitted via Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial (DVB-T), irradiate our bodies constantly around the clock with electromagnetic waves.

t.a.s. [television absorption system] shows 20 receivable channels at the respective exhibition space overlaid in one single video projection. The result is a very dense and ghostly image & sound collage. Because the body of the observer can absorb radiation, he is able - through his body - to influence the projection and sound. Depending on the number of visitors and their movements in the room, the pictures and sounds on each channel experience interference up to the possible point of complete "absorption" of all programmes.

20 DVB-T receiver; 20 antenna inline amplifiers; 20 video mixers; 1 video projector; 10 audio amplifiers; 20 stone plates; 20 steel sticks; 20 exciters; 20 attenuation controllers, cable

grant-aided by KF Logo

with the friendly assistance ofTelestar Logo