The cathode-ray-tubes in our television sets emit electromagnetic rays in very low frequency fields. Different images produce different sounds. These patterns are explored in PictureTubeRadio.
Within this context, up until now the television is a completely unresearched sound instrument.

28 sound sequences for cathode-ray-tubes and VLF-Receiver a collection of electromagnetic sound fragments for acathode-ray-tube and VLF-Receiver.The DVD consists of 28 sequences made up of unstabledigital and analogue video signals, exploring the electro-magnetic sound properties of a cathode-ray-tube in a tele-vision set.

multiple: DVD; VLF-Receiver

Composition for 4 cathode-ray-tubes and
VLF-Receiver a 4 channel sound arrangement for cathode-ray-tubesand a VLF-ReceiverOn four different monitors, coordinated video sequencesplay over one another to form one electromagnetic soundcomposition. By altering their position within the room, theviewer can influence the modulations of each individualchannel.

installation: 4 DVD's; 6 VLF-Receivers; 4 monitors (29 inch); 4 DVD player (synchronized)



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PictureTubeRadio    multiple | video sound installation - 2003/2004
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