MobileMinder uses the electro magnetic rays of a mobile phone to activate electro magnets that cause the metal plates to swing and in turn cause them to create sound. A mobile phone emits pulsed electro magnetic waves with digital information. Even a mobile phone that is not being used sends out a signal indicating its location every 30 to 90 minutes. With specific receivers that are sensitive to mobile phone signals, the rays emited from mobile phones being used in the surrounding area can be captured. This signal is amplified and subsequently turned into a control signal which is sent to the electro magnet. Depending on the reception, the varied movements of the metal plates cause different sounds in the room.

4 metal plates 1 x 1000 x 1600 mm; 2 electro magnets 24V 250 mm Ø; 4 electro magnets 24V 150 mm Ø; 6 metal stands; 6 GSM receivers for cell phone radiation; electronic controls; 4 power supply units 24V, 10A

MobileMinder is realized with kindly support of
M&E GmbH
Magnettechnik/Elektromechanik REMSCHEID



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MobileMinder    interactive sound installation - 2003
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