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N.T.R. concerns itself with the electro magnetic rays which constantly surround us. In addition to the visible waves of light, there are also many other types of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum (radio,television, mobile phone communication…) One example is the 50Hertz emissions of our power supply system, which can be heard by touching the metal plates.

With the help of cathode-ray-tubes, N.T.R. creates a landscape of electromagnetic sound. A picture tube, like every natural light source, emits not only visible electromagnetic waves, but also x-rays and low frequency waves such as ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) and VLF(Very Low Frequency). The metal plates in front of the monitors receive these low frequency rays and return them, amplified, as sound.

"(...) many audiophiles will argue that tubes give a richer, more natural sound."
"(...) tube systems are less suseptible to brown-outs and electrical spikes."
Gateway Music, Williams, Arizona, USA

4 monitors (25inch); 4 metal plates; 2 audio mixers; 2 noise gates / expander; 4 activ loudspeakers



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N.T.R. [Natural Tube Radio]    interactive video sound installation - 2002